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You must be wonder how Japanese women could maintain such a slim figure all times without having to restrict their daily meals?

  checkHave you heard of Ear Point Reflexology Diet?

       You wish to look beautiful,slim and fit all times without having to starve from food?

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You can reduce your weight just by wearing our slimming earring. Only thing you have to do is wearing it before food.

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Our slimming earring is made of 18K Genuine Gold Coating. It looks extremely elegant, fashionable and stylish on every women!

Our slimming earring use acupressure to stop food cravings Strong 2000-Gauss magnets hold earrings onto lobes Acupressure has been proven beneficial in weight loss.

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You will get the slim figure you've always wanted with our slimming earrings. It is rare earth magnets gently exert pressure on your earlobes to suppress your desire to eat.

It combines modern medical techniques with accupressure to help you lose weight quickly, safely and effectively.


Just wear the earring (in stylish 18K gold coating) while following the simple program of nutrition and moderate exercise and watch the pounds melt away.

The History

For centuries people have been relying on magnets and acupressure for pain relief. Now, the Japanese discovered that they may be useful for weight loss.
Rare earth magnets combined with beautiful goldplated and faux pearl faces create clinically proven our slimming earrings -the perfect accents to any outfit.      


Afraid of Accupunture  Slimming Treatment?

Some people are scared of having needles on their body.

Don’t worry!!


You don’t need to have needles, don’t need to bear pain anymore.

You have the slimming earring now. The Japanese high technology, medical science and human engineering developed the ultimate slimming product.


This stylish slimming earring is designed by the worldwide flourished designer.


Here is the acupressure point (Tsubo) for diet.

You can suppress the feeling of hunger and thirst with stimulating it.

And it will make your stomach smaller, thus you can feel full with a small amount of food.

Ear point reflexology is known as very effective way for bulimia (tsubo) treatment.This stylish earring is designed by the worldwide flourished designer. Magnetic power of 2000 gauss will stimulate the Tsubo(acupressure points) in your ears. 2000 gauss is powerful enough, so it stimulate your Tsubo very effectively.

The result is amazing and fascinating!

                        Before                                      After



Dr Isamu Soma from Japan is the authority of MIMI Tsubo Diet (dieting with ear accupressure points)

Diet is a very tough thing to do when you have good appetitive for every meal.
Our appetite so powerful a driver of our behavior, and, more important, how can we bring it to heel? If that question has long defied easy answers, it's no wonder.  We know that fact full well and seem helpless to control ourselves. We lose weight and routinely regain it; we vow to eat healthfully and almost always lapse.  Today we are bringing you the most innovative technology of suppressing your appetite!

Our Japanese slimming earring can stimulate broad area of pressure points accurately.

Just put in your ears, so you can press acupressure points easily.

It will help to suppress your appetite.

How to use it?


1.       Just wear the Diet earring  for  one hour before food.

2.       Your stomach will become smaller.

3.       Your appetite would be reduced.

4.       You can reduce your weight easily, and can keep your body fit.


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